ଯ Are You A Left-Brained or Right Brained Individual?

Each of the hemispheres in our brain has prescribed functions or specialties. Our hemispheres always work together so we will experience a combination of left and right hemispheres. Would you be curious to know which hemisphere of your brain is most dominant? What if after taking this test you realized that in your left hemisphere nothing is right and in your right hemisphere there is nothing left, would you be worried? Haha check this out: (Thanks to Francis Tan for sending this link)
"The truth is, it is simply an optical illusion (not a test) of how our visual system reconstruct the image (which is not actually "spinning" -- it's a series of 2-dimensional gif images animated in 34 frames). It is our brain's visual processing that interprets the video as a 3-D spinning image. You can actually force your visual system to perceive it as moving to the direction you wish it to by focusing on the shadow, or some other part." Anyway the “Real Test” is right at the bottom of the web page and not the spinning silhouette lady. Make sure you click on the two links which will then lead you to “Right Brain vs Left Brain Creativity Test” or “Hemispheric Dominance Inventory Test” respectively. Have fun! Aha my brain dominance score is Left Brain: 53%; Right Brain: 47%


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