ଯ First Day of Chinese New Year

Just after my dinner on the First Day of CNY thought would like to 'kaypo' (busy body) a bit and check out on some streets in Bandar Sungai Long. This is Jalan SL 1/3, Bandar Sungai Long, time is 20:30hrs, date 26 Jan 2009, Monday. My goodness look at the 'deserted' road practically zero traffic. All shops were closed except the one on the left hand side. There is not a single car parked on either side of the road and not a single person walking by. Wow! quite a good experience as we do not get the chance to see this same condition of this road on normal nights as this is one of the busiest road. Let me check it out tomorrow and see how it is like on a 2nd Day of CNY?


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