ଯ Year of the Elephant?

Monday as usual for those going back to work after a great weekend would most likely be dragging their feet to office in their ‘blues’ so to speak but very soon will be gradually turning pinkish in the later part of the week before striking full bright chilly red to usher in the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Ox on 26Jan2009. I used to joke about being born in the year of the Elephant with the kids and sometimes with friends. All of us know that there is no such animal zodiac sign but hang on there. Guess what I just found out lately over the radio? In Vietnam there is a difference in one of the animal zodiac sign. The sequence is the same for all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs starting with rat, ox, tiger so on…So what animal zodiac sign would have been taken out and what about the replacement? Is it a cat, an elephant, peacock, or leopard? How I wish it’s the elephant. Interestingly the rabbit is out and the cat does make the Vietnamese zodiac! I presume the fengshui and horoscope for the rabbit and cat animal zodiac should be more or less the same (any fengshui master to comment on this?). The Vietnamese do follow the rest of the lunar astrology and cultures in observing Chinese New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan), the first & full moon and leap years etc. The 12-year zodiac animal cycle for the Vietnamese, their names and translations in order are: 1. Ty the rat 2. Suu the buffalo 3. Dan the tiger 4. Mao the cat 5. Thin the dragon 6. Ty the snake 7. Ngo the horse 8. Mui the goat 9. Than the monkey 10. Dau the cock (the chicken) 11. Tuat the dog 12. Hoi the pig BTW the newly President-elect Barack Obama was born in the year of the Ox, who will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States on 20Jan2009 which is tomorrow. Those also born in the year of the Ox are actor George Clooney, boxer Oscar De La Hoya, Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and soccer star Wayne Rooney. Napoleon Bonarparte, Adolf Hitler & Saddam Hussein were oxen. “CHUC MUNG NAM MOI” (Vietnamese) meaning "Happy Lunar New Year".


CheaHS@n said...

Very interesting just received info from Nicky Beh that Northern Thailand has a difference too. Her message "I also want to share that the Thais also have a different animal year in their zodiac.
The tour agent informed us when we visited one of the temples in Chiangmai during our co. trip in 2007.
I think the last animal was replaced with elephant."
Nicky SL Beh

Pete said...

Wonder what it will be if the zodiac were created in Africa! LOL!

CheaHS@n said...

Pete that would be interesting.Say Ox to be replaced by hippo, horse by zebra, dog by giraffe, tiger by lion...etc. Oh the fengshui masters would have lots of fun to adjust. LOL!

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