ത Standing Egg? Is it a Myth?

Wow! Very interestingly we can dig out lots of information on the "Standing Eggs " from the internet and You Tubes. Anyway I am no expert to comment further as there are comments in the internet that claimed it is a myth and the eggs can stand on end anytime. Last night I did the experiment myself and managed to make two eggs stand on end on the floor but struggled for more than 20 minutes. According to Jessie on the 10th Day of CNY it was fast and easy and further more Eric and his office colleagues went out for their 'loh sung' lunch leaving the eggs standing. The best part was after they returned from lunch the eggs were still standing tall on the floor despite the rain. The next day his colleagues tried at their office desk and only one colleague managed to stand 2 two eggs while all others failed. Being very persistent, Jessie and Eric also tried in their house and her brother in law's house next door but in vain. Well I have full conviction in the Chinese Lunar calendar and I do believe there is a certain force in Spring and even perhaps at other times of the year as well. So is the "Egg standing thingy" still a myth? Believe It Or Not?


Pete said...

Which two eggs you made to stand ahhh? Ha hA

CheaHS@n said...

Pete naughty naughty uh!Certainly, positively and absolutely chicken eggs.

Min said...

I've heard of this before but never tried until 10 Feb when my friend called to say that that was the day one can make an egg stand. I read on the net that with some perseverance, an egg can be made to stand. However on 10 Feb, I picked up an egg from my fridge, placed it on the kitchen counter and voila, it stood! That was precisely at 3pm. After that, couldn't do it anymore.

Believe it or not? ;-)

CheaHS@n said...

Hi Min thanks for dropping by and yeah one more 'supporter' on the standing eggs. I must make sure to do it next CNY of the tiger. Cheers

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