ഌ EARTH HOUR - March 28 2009

If MOTHER EARTH could talk the VERY first word she would most likely to utter would be ".:M:O:A:N:." Do your part in order to make your wishes come true. VOTE EARTH BY SIMPLY SWITCHING OFF YOUR LIGHTS FOR ONE HOUR AND JOIN THE WORLD FOR EARTH HOUR ...
on 28 March 2009 (Saturday) from 20:30hrs - 21:30hrs local time.


StevenLee said...

Lights off and air conditioning on don't count !!

CheaHS@n said...

Wow what a feeling for Earth Hour with no lights, no fan, no TV, no music just plain darkness not even a candle is used. At the least it is very comforting that the moon is 'smiling' and lucky enough night is not that hot. Well just like the normal blackout and one hour is easy to go by. It's a good experience whereby the switch is within my control. Only 8TV participated in the campaign.

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