Any idea what is the painting of Mona Lisa made of???

Make a wild guess???

No still no answer, can't figure it out, try harder???

An awesome "painting" with a total of 3,604 cups of coffee which have been made into a giant Mona Lisa in Sydney , Australia . Different amounts of milk were filled in the cups to create the different shades!!    
Thanks to Joannie for sending this email.


MeiChun Jones (Jeannie) said...

Oh WOW...this is amazing!

CheaHS@n said...

Jeannie ~ all you need is to drink 1% no need to sleep thereafter.

Shingo T said...

Wow, didn't know coffee can do this!

CheaHS@n said...

Shingo T ~ Yeah me too never expected coffee. At first I thought it was drums of paints.

Ayie said...

I've seen this before and it's amazing how this was created!

CheaHS@n said...

Ayie ~ yeah how are they going to put what shades to where and where darker? great minds.

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