Ð Stop Look Go - Ultimate Delivery

Road traffic is under control if we have traffic lights to handle massive vehicle traffic flow. But in this particular case the public merely need to open their eyes wide, Stop Look and Go, in order not to be slapped by a piece of roti canai (parota) while walking past. This was captured in India and sometimes we wonder why they need to throw the roti canai so far away (maybe coz of fengshui:p). Anyway can figure that out later but what is so special and awesome about these two machas is the accuracy of the roti canai being thrown like a frisbee and a perfect catch. They could be very good sportsmen in the Ultimate Frisbee sport game. So roti cool...Engaporengi Roti Canai?

Thanks to Cindy Liao.


CH Voon said...

yalor funny... this kind method make roti canai is different compare in malaysia one.... hehehe but they are expert!

CH Voon said...

yalor they can join the ultimate sport hahaha

Merryn said...

fuiyo.. cool man!!! really cool! :D

jamesoh said...

Real expert and unique,

CheaHS@n said...

CH Voon ~ the thrower more or less do not have to look at the catcher just thanks

Merryn ~ How they keep up must have dropped quite a number before turning 'pro'. haha.

jamesoh ~ not sure India would send them to the Ultimate game? haha.

Jingle said...

How are you?
I have trouble visiting your blog,
I clicked on this link from February 1st post, it worked!

Thank you for the comments in my blog.

Happy Tuesday!

Tekkaus said...

Goodness! This is not called making roti canai anymore. this is called....throwing them...with perfect timing! :p

CheaHS@n said...

Jingle ~ Oh one of those technical issue. Do encounter this issue myself but after a while its OK again. haha. Happy Wednesday!

Tekkaus ~ perfect timing and no need to look at target simply throw. Phew!!!

iamthewitch said...

Wah so expert! Salute them! *LOL*

cleffairy said... geng wan? Tabik!

CH Voon said...

maybe... if malaysia got this kind of presentation... it can attract customer come.... it is a business too hehehe

[SK] said...

wow, this is interesting!! i wonder if they can do teh tarik like this too?? haha~~ :D

CheaHS@n said...

iamthewitch ~ wonder how many pieces could have dropped before he can be 'expert' haha. thanks.

cleffairy ~ geng leh..haha

CH Voon ~ why not this is what we called value added service haha. Saw some cendol and wan ton mee seller doing their own stunts too. The cendol fella will flip the bowl let it somersault 3-4 rounds in mid air before he catch to put the condol in. Wanton mee guy would toss the mee in mid air and do a catch but this is nothing compared to the roti canai man. haha thanks.

[SK]~ macha teh tarik elek lah vandam..haha no thank you.

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