Ever wonder you can trust the weather forecast over the radio with messages like sunny in the morning and scattered thunderstorm in the afternoon? Or watch the forecast over TV and knowing very well it is going to be sunny in the afternoon do you still carry an umbrella just in case?. Saw fufu's blog that its snowing early in Germany right now. Guess what I found, it's the world's most accurate weather forecast gadget that we can rely on, no doubt we don't have snow in Malaysia even though some got panic over the rumours last few weeks that KL might encounter snow. Sure enough it 'snowed' but only in Pavillion KL as posted by foongpc, who knows maybe it could be real next time. With the rain pouring consistently in the late afternoon would be most advisable to carry an umbrella. Make sure you get whatever you want and complete them in the morning just so, to escape the afternoon rain. Now what is this special weather forecast which is so accurate..and can even detect earthquake and tornado..?

~scroll down~

What do you have in mind??? Have a nice weekend..:p


James Oh said...

I love Gary weather forecast, simple and accurate. Thanks for sharing.

wenn said...

stone to predict the weather? sounds doubtful but interesting..

CH Voon said...

hehehe sure bo... this can detect the weather ahhaah... it think it is abit late weather forecasting

CheaHS@n said...

James ~ Thanks only accurate thereafter haha

wenn ~ true should be doubtful just kinda joke thingy:p

CH Voon ~ you are absolutely right will be too late haha

Ayie said...

I've received this in emails =) it makes sense though! haha

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